Sustainable Sports Wear

Since our founding, we have placed great emphasis on the production of sustainable sportswear. In today's consumer society, we as clothing manufacturers can no longer avoid this topic. What is our contribution to a future fit for grandchildren? For us, sustainability encompasses both social responsibility and responsibility towards the environment.

Sustainable sportswear is therefore based on 3 pillars:

Slow Fashion at SPORTKIND

We make our contribution against today's throwaway society. That's why you won't find collections that change every month or every year. We don't go along with every hype, but deliberately focus on clear, timeless designs. You can buy our bestsellers from us on a long-term basis. This way we avoid any overproduction. This also means sustainable sportswear for us.

Do you know the following feeling? You have discovered your absolutely perfect favourite shirt and would love to buy it in another colour? Unfortunately, this is often not possible. Because your favourite shirt is probably from an old collection. Opportunity lost. We solve exactly this problem by focusing on simple cuts and slow fashion. Discover your favourite shirt with us and simply buy it in another colour 3 years later. No problem!

Our Production

We manufacture our sustainable sportswear exclusively in European family businesses. We work closely with our suppliers and can thus always act on an equal footing. By producing in Europe, we can avoid long supply chains and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, we guarantee fair wages and production conditions. 

In contrast to large manufacturers, we know our supply chain from start to finish. We do not rely on countless subcontractors but on honest cooperation and genuine appreciation. This is how we take responsibility for our supply chain.

Our Promise of Quality

Sustainable sportswear and exceptional quality go hand in hand for us. The reasoning is very simple: the longer you can wear your favourite pieces, the less often you buy new models. This is another way we can conserve resources and make much better use of them. That's why we work exclusively with Italian, high-quality functional fabrics for our active wear. Together with the professional workmanship, these guarantee us above-average durability. The goal is garments that last 5 years and not just 5 washes.

But that's not all. Before we include a new model in our collection, it goes through an extensive testing phase. Small details such as sleeve length and seams are put to the test just as much as the basic design and functionality. Only when our testers are satisfied, regardless of their figure, age and taste, does a model go on sale.