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No one is perfect. High product quality is our top priority. Unfortunately, it may happen in rare cases that individual parts do not meet our standards. If this applies to one of your items, we are very sorry.

If your ordered item shows damage after use due to a production defect, we will try to find the best possible solution for your favorite item. On this page you will find all the information about what you can claim and for how long and what kind of information we need from you. Our customer service will check after your request whether your item is suitable for a complaint.

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This is how your complaint works

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Describe the defect

Look up your order & item number, only then we can verify your purchase. Fill out the complaint form below with a detailed description of the error.


Upload pictures and videos

To best process your request, we need pictures* of the item and the damage. A video can help us to better assess the defect.


We check your request

Done! Now we start with the examination of your complaint, based on your information. Then we will get back to you with an assessment & find a solution together!


When is a complaint possible?

You can submit a claim if you have received a perfect item that has production defects after usage. In addition, for the purposes of the EU warranty, the purchase must not be more than 2 years ago.

Unworn, new items cannot be claimed. Of course, you can return them, with a note to that effect, as return to and

What documents do I have to submit in case of a complaint?

In order to process your request in the best possible way, we need the following:

+ Item and order number: You can find these in your confirmation email, which you received after an order, or in your customer account. With this information we verify your purchase - without it no claim can be submitted.If you do not have an order number, you can also enter your invoice number here.

+ A description of the damage: This helps us to understand when and why the item was damaged. Thus, a first assessment of a production defect is possible.

+ Photos of the damaged item:Please show us exactly where the item has defects. To do this, we need a photo of the entire item as well as close-up photos of the defect. Often a video can also give better insight. Please also photograph us the size label of your item.

+ Contact details: This way, we can contact you more quickly if our After Sale Service has any queries about your request or has found a solution for you.

What is the EU guarantee?

For all items that were delivered in perfect condition and show production defects after normal use, the EU warranty applies. Within 2 years after purchase, we are responsible for production defects on the product. After a review of your concern, our after sale experts will decide whether you are entitled to repair or replacement of your favorite item.

What damage is not covered by the EU warranty?

The EU warranty does not apply to:

+ Items that have been used improperly (e.g. disregard of care instructions, signs of wear and tear, deliberate damage, the item has been handled carelessly)

+ The repair or replacement of items that have been altered (e.g. tailoring or printing/flocking)

Examples of damage excluded from the claim:

Overstretching of seams, material change due to ironing, tearing of seams due to hanging, color change due to washing with other colors, friction on rough surfaces, color loss due to sunlight, pilling, material alteration due to improper flocking

Is pilling a reason for complaint?

We know: Pilling is annoying and also not beautiful! However, these traces on the fabric have nothing to do with its quality. Pilling is caused by improper care and friction and is therefore excluded from the complaint.

In principle, follow our care instructions so that you can enjoy your articles for a long time. You will find these coordinated with each article on the product detail page.

Are color deviations a reason for a complaint?

Of course you want to combine your items in the same color and color deviations are not desirable.

Due to different fabric compositions and material properties, there can unfortunately still be a slight color deviation of a maximum of 0.7% in rare cases. Here we are already below the industry standard of 1%, but we are still striving to improve even more.

Is it a reason for complaint if the colour of my article changes after a certain time?

In exceptional cases, the colour of your items may change despite the high quality of the fabric. We understand that this can be annoying, but we would like to emphasise that this is a completely normal process. Reasons why textiles turn grey or yellow over time can be, apart from too frequent washing, also together with other garments, detergent residues stuck in the fibres that leave an unsightly haze. A high lime or mineral content in the tap water as well as long storage in the cupboard can also contribute. Drying in direct sunlight or storing slightly damp clothes in a bag can also contribute to a negative colour change.Always follow our care instructions for each item on the product detail page and our general information page on care recommendations. This way you can enjoy your styles for a long time!

I had my items personalized and now they are faulty. Can I complain about this to you?

Unfortunately no, we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper personalization. Our clothing is very well suited to personalize it according to your wishes (e.g. flocking). It is essential to ensure that the settings are precisely matched to the fabric texture and composition. Our fabrics have no polyester content and can be flocked at a maximum of 160 degrees and a contact pressure of 4 bar.

I have ordered SPORTKIND via another platform (e.g. AMAZON) and would like to complain about it. Who can I contact?

Since every marketplace or merchant has different complaint processes, it is best to first contact the place where you purchased the goods. The customer service will then contact us and clarify your complaint for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ourhref="/en/pages/kontakt" target="_blank" title="contact">customer service.

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