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What does every sports or tennis club dream of? Exactly, uniform team outfits in their own club colours. That's exactly what we offer. And on top of that, a 25% (shops before 1 March 2024 30%) discount for all clubs.

Here you can find all the sports or tennis clubs that already work with us. Sorted alphabetically by your region.

club shops

What is a SPORTKIND club shop?

In a SPORTKIND club shop, members of a club benefit from a 30% (from 1 March 2024 25%) discount on their club colors. The discount is valid for 2 seasons.

Anyone who receives a club shop from SPORTKIND enjoys quite a privilege. In order to get such an exclusive shop, the sports or tennis clubs have to meet a small requirement: You have to place a team order in our team shop and have an order value of more than €3,500 (from 1 March 2024 4000€).

How do I find my club shop?

Are you looking for your club collection? You can find your club shop grouped alphabetically by clicking on the respective tile above.

An example: You would find the TV Musterstadt tennis club in the “Clubs KO” category. The city name Musterstadt begins with M and can therefore be found there.

Would you like to have your own club shop for your team or club?

Then have a look at our team shop . These are your advantages when you order a team from SPORTKIND:

  • Samples: You can order samples for you and your team in the team shop and test the colors and models directly.
  • Feel good: If you order a team, you can access the entire SPORTKIND collection. Everyone is guaranteed to find a model with which they are satisfied.
  • Color world: We stand for a large selection of colors. Find the right one for your club in over 25 colors.
  • Discount: Depending on the amount you order, you will receive a discount of up to 30%(from 1 March 2024 25%) on your team order.
  • Re-order : We re-produce our basics so that you can still re-order your club selection in a year. We make this particularly easy for you with our long-term offer for latecomers. All teams receive a 10% discount code after their team order, which they can use to buy the SPORTKIND collection for a year at a reduced price even after they have ordered together. Anyone who has a total value of more than €3,500 (from 1 March 2024 4000€) in a team order can also opt for a club shop instead. All members receive a 30% (from 1 March 2024 25%) discount on the selected club colors - for two seasons.


Do you have any questions? Then discover many more advantages directly in our team shop .