Care recommendations

Proper care is important!

When it comes to Lycra® sportswear, proper care is crucial. We have put together a few tips for you so that you can enjoy your SPORTKIND items for a long time.

Important: As our fabrics do not contain polyester, they can be flocked at a maximum of 160 degrees and a contact pressure of 4 bar.

Wash properly

Avoid fabric softener

Fabric softener makes the fibres brittle, gets stuck in them and gums them up. The breathability of the textiles is lost as a result.

Washable at 40 degrees

Your SPORTKIND articles get really clean even at low temperatures. Light soiling, germs or bad odours can also be removed easily at 30 or 40 degrees. This is also good for the environment! Sun visors and caps are also machine-washable.

Do not spin too hard

Too much spinning, too full laundry drums or leaving the laundry lying in the machine can cause creases. These will disappear with the next wash. It is best to fill the machine less than with normal laundry. We advise you to leave at least a hand's width of air and only spin on a low speed of 600 rpm.

Wash with similar colours & materials

To keep the colours of your SPORTKIND outfits bright, wash them only with similar colours. Functional clothing should not be washed with cotton, as the dissolving cotton fibres can stick to the functional fibres.

Prevent pilling

Turn textiles inside out before washing. Close all zips, velcro and buttons before washing.
We also strongly recommend washing your functional clothing separately from cotton and other natural materials. This will ensure that no fibre residue sticks to your clothes and that they stay looking new for longer. Towels in particular should be washed separately to ensure optimal care.

After washing

Do not dry in the sun

Thanks to the special quick-drying technology, your SPORTKIND styles will be ready for use again in no time. Dry your clothes in the fresh air, but don't put the drying rack in the blazing sun. The colours of functional clothing fade more quickly.


The heat from ironing can alter the material and affect the shape retention. If you still want to iron your garments, use a maximum of level I and make sure that the correct temperature for use has been reached if you have previously used a higher level. Slight creases will be smoothed out by body heat when worn. Tip: You can take your dry laundry into the bathroom, for example, and hang it up while you shower. The steam removes coarse wrinkles.

Avoid friction with rough surfaces

To avoid pilling, protect the fine functional fabrics from friction.

Note: The straps of your sports bag or backpack can also cause the small nodules.