So far you can only buy our SPORTKIND clothing online at . But what if we could also advise people personally and you could convince yourself of the variety of colors, fit and quality on site?

We asked ourselves this question too. And that's why we dare to jump into stationary retail and give you the opportunity to experience our fabrics and colors up close.

It's official: Next week, Wednesday, June 15, 2022, we will be opening our very first store in the middle of our hometown of Augsburg.

  • SPORTKIND Store Augsburg
  • Philippine-Welser-Strasse 5 / corner of Rathausplatz 1
  • 86150 Augsburg

Retail space at the Augsburg Rathausplatz

Online meets offline

In the last few weeks we have been working towards this special day with our whole team. And we are absolutely proud of the modern concept of the store. Right from the start, our goal was to combine online trading with the offline store. And we hope we succeeded.

Come visit us and see for yourself. Simply use the tablets in the store, discover your favorite models and colors or get the best advice from our colleagues.

View of the Perlach Tower from the shop window

Store as a supplement to the sustainability strategy

We are pleased that you now have the opportunity to experience and try out our collection live. However, we also see the opening of our first SPORTKIND store as an addition to our sustainability strategy.

Many people order several models and sizes to choose from and want to get to know us as a brand first. That is understandable. With an unknown brand, who knows what the sizes are or which cut is perfect for you?

Nevertheless, our long-term goal is that customers only buy what they really want. By getting to know each other personally and trying them on on site, we would like to contribute to reducing the return rate and encourage conscious shopping behavior.

Because one thing is very clear: fewer returns = less CO2 emissions

If we get off to a good start in our hometown of Augsburg, we can imagine opening small stores in other major cities. So stay tuned!

Insights into the Sportkind Store with tennis wall and illuminated logo

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